KiwiFruit Wine
NZD $22.00
Blue land Kiwifruit wine has been produced by harvesting the Kiwifruit at exactly the right time. The wine has been carefully and patiently fermented from the freshly harvested specially ripened Kiwifruit, and then bottled at exactly the right time to bring you this delicious fresh white wine. , You can taste the ripe citrus and tropical fruit flavours with a subtle, slightly nutty palate, complimented by a crisp, dry finish. The wine has a unique combinations of other great white wines such as pinot Gris, with tropical melon flavours with a hints of the unique sauvignon blanc.

This wine can accompany and be served with seafood, fish and any poultry meal. Served with any New Zealand lamb, beef, pork or venison will be great way to enjoy a truly remarkable New Zealand innovative wine, the Blue Land Kiwifruit wine will become known for. Even complimenting the great New Zealand Cheeses and deserts will bring the unique flavour home.

Blue land Kiwifruit wine is a great wine for all and any occasion, social event and meals.

“Blue Land Kiwifruit fine wine is a unique and iconic addition to the New Zealand Wine Industry. This wine will become a favourite amongst those who appreciate a wine that is easy to drink and complements all occasions.” By a dear friend Roy Giddens.
Made In New Zeanland