About Us
Blue Land took over the well established blue berry farm situated on Whitikahu Road, Taupiri, at the centre of Waikato NZ in 2006.
Where I can buy Blue Land wines in New Zealand?
Auckland International Airport

St Luke Liquor Centre

Aviemore Dr Liquor

Total Liquor

Super Liquor (955 Great North Road, Auckland)

Hees Garden Seafood Restaurant
Whitikahu Winery
Central Waikato enjoys a hospitable climate year round with warm, humid summers and cool to mild winters, moderate rainfall. The perfect ingredients for world class blue berry.

In 2013, the winery was derived from Blue Land Ltd and was named Whitikahu Winery. In 2013 and 2014, two years in a roll, Whitikahu Winery blueberry wine won bronze medals in NZ fruit wine competition.
All blue berries are hand picked, and carefully graded, then supplied toexporters. Blue Land aims to produce the best quality of blue berry. After years of careful consideration and preparation, Blue Land took it further, started fruit wine making in 2011.
This is a gentle giant of an appetif. At first sip Blueland Blueberry wine goes down smoothe and discreet, however the flavor explodes in the mouth making it a refreshing and invigorating fruit wine. It has an enjoyable fruity bouquet with a unique taste Incomparable to the average grape wine.